If you bring a sample of your pool water in to the store,
we will test it and figure out the best plan for you!

Turn to us for swimming pool chemicals and equipment in Midland, TX

You finally built the pool you've always wanted at your Midland, TX home. Now for the hard part: pool maintenance.

Sun City Pool Supply Midland provides pool owners around the region with swimming pool chemicals and pool maintenance equipment. Our team can guide you to the right products that will help you keep your pool in tip-top shape for many years to come.

You spent a lot of time and money to build your pool-make sure you maintain it well. Call us today to place an order for pool equipment and chemicals.

We provide a wide variety of pool products

Maintaining a pool can be tough work. Fortunately, we carry all the swimming pool chemicals and pool maintenance equipment you could ever need. We provide:

  • Pool shock - Powdered chlorine for cleaning the water
  • Algicide - Liquid pool treatment to prevent algae
  • Test strips - Acidity testing kits
  • Accessories - Poles, nets and brushes
  • Winterizing Kits
  • Spring Start-Up Kits

Sun City Pool Supply Midland is here to make your pool experience as great as it can be. Depend on us when you need to take care of your Midland, TX pool.